Monday, 4 April 2016

Challenge done but not completed - lessons learned

I have finally finished the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. I loved it and it drove me crazy. When I initially considered the Challenge I thought that I could maybe get 250 points (based on 5 points per 28mm infantry, 4 per 20mm etc) because I am a very slow painter. However there was only the choice of 500 point intervals so I went for 500, lowest I could choose.
As it turns out I only made it to 216 points. There were many personal challenges along the way, not least of which was my eyesight. I ended up purchasing a flip down magnifying visor (as used by watchmakers) which helps a lot.
Me with my total output from the Challenge, wearing my new magnifying visor and traditional painting fez.
To be eligible for the Challenge a miniature could be cleaned up and undercoated before the start but no additional paint could be applied. It also must be completely finished, including basing, to be earn points. Herein lies the greatest lesson learned - I have way too many unfinished miniatures. Ranging from one or two colours applied, or nearly fully painted through to fully painted but no basing done. This is not acceptable.

So, from now on I am keeping a tally on the blog with two divisions;
Painted Miniatures - meaning painted this year from scratch through to finished as determined by the Challenge requirements.
Finished Miniatures - these are miniatures that I have started previously, or purchased part painted or similar that have done the extra work on to be totally finished. Including magnetizing the bases.
This will be a summary tally on the side of my blog and a more detailed running one at the end of each post. Maybe this will help my output. Or make my shame public.

Type Painted Finished
28mm Dark Ages Infantry 12
28mm Empire/Lion Rampant Infantry 8 11
28mm Empire/Lion Rampant Mounted 1
28mm Slaughterloo Infantry 4
20mm WWII 11


  1. Dont berate yourself over too ma y lessons, look at all the figs you now have! And as a bonus, those Halbardeers have had a good blooding now and just get on with business :-)

    Seriously though, I overextended this year and didn't achieve what I wanted output wise, but it is a lot of fun just being part of the fray and seeing what everyone else gets up to.

  2. Definitely was a lot of fun and I did increase my output. I'm up for it again next time.