Saturday, 16 January 2016

An entry finished at last for the Painting Challenge

It's taken nearly four weeks but I finally got an entry in to the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge.
Building a US force in 20mm to be used mainly for Chain of Command and Iron Cross I have decided to do a squad and support team at a time. These are mostly AB Miniatures from that fine chap Nic at Eureka Miniatures with a couple of other brands from my lead pile thrown in for variety.
The first units completed are an Armoured Rifle Squad and a 60mm mortar team. As Chain of Command requires a 60mm mortar to have five crew I was was struggling with a way to make them look like a team. I decided to base them together but I wanted the versatility of casualty removal so I based them on a 40 x 45mm base
 however only one figure is permanently attached. I used putty to build up arond the small bases the figures come on to form "sabots". I then added the basing flock and static grass tufts to tie all the figures together visually. I then removed the figures leaving the sabot areas. Figures can be easily put on and taken off the base. 
I may add some small magnets to make them more secure if needed, depends on how they go in a game. Now, off to paint, there's plenty more in the queue.


  1. Congrats on getting off the mark mate - nice work!

  2. in an assault team at Normandy a 60mm team was 4 men.
    observer,equipped with a sight,cleaning staff,binoculars,compass, flashlight carbine and 12 mortar rounds.
    Gunner , equipped with mortar,pistol and five mortar rounds
    assistant gunner with carbine and 12 mortar rounds
    Ammo carrier with carbine and 12 mortar rounds.

  3. and the flame-thrower team had an operator with the flame-thrower and a 45 and his assistant with a 5 gallon fuel tank,a nitogem tank and wrenches,a garand, 4 smoke and 6 frag grenades, and a spare pair of brown pants presumably.