Sunday, 20 December 2015

The Challenge

As an opportunity to try and improve my output of painted miniatures I have joined in the jolly madness that is the Analogue Hobbies 6th Annual Painting Challenge.

Lead down the road to madness by Dux Homunculorum and Steve from At The Double I attempting to paint 500 points (Challenge points) worth of 20mm WWII Yanks, 28mm Gebirgsjager and various other units that catch my attention. My intention is to paint by squad so I don't get overwhelmed by the masses of half painted troops mocking my completion rate. At 4 points per 20mm infantry figure or 5 pts per 28mm this is going to be a huge push for me. You can start with an undercoated miniature but to be complete it must be ready for the table, fully painted and with basing completed.

I will post pictures of my progress. Wish me luck!

The first ones to hit the painting table- 13 x 20mm Yanks + 4 x 28mm Gebirgsjagers.

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